Meet Vendra our Therapist

I believe that the daily behaviours we demonstrate create the culture we work and live in. Each person has the responsibility to treat others with dignity. I listen to others, I explore different types of thinking, I try new approaches and I create a safe place for everyone.

I founded XTend Yourself in 2015,  to follow my passion of healing others. As a CEO I have over 20 years’ experience in creating conversations and outcomes towards positive change. I understand that listening to others and the creation of the therapeutic relationship, takes skill. It is why I have trained in Psychology, Counselling, Coaching and many other evidence-based modalities.

It is critical that all individuals have access to these conversations. I provide Pro Bono services within the community. I have provided hundreds of consultations to individuals. I have facilitated hundreds of professional development conversations to organisations and individual employees. I have been a successful Government grant recipient to grow my business to serve the Canberra Community.

My life has unravelled many times, as I have experienced trauma and life stressors too. I have experienced times in my life, where I have had no people, no safe place and I have taken the time, and challenging decisions to identify the skills, knowledge and learning I have needed to do to create the life that resonates with me, that I was capable of, that I aspire too. As I am human, I do not always get it right, but what I do, is instead of punishing myself, for my mistakes and failures. I look at them and seek the lesson. And you know what sometimes the lesson is, that it was just a crappy position I found myself in, that no matter what I did, or could have done, the outcome would have been the same.

So if you want a safe place to explore healing, positive mental health and wellbeing, Welcome to XTend Yourself Coaching and Counselling.