Meet Vendra our Therapist

I founded XTend Yourself in 2015, as an idea to create more conversation and to follow passion of supporting others in potentially making the changes they want in their lives, using my strengths.

As CEO I have over 30 years’ experience in creating conversations and lead to change. Since founding the company I have developed my professional skills as an Accredited Clinical Counsellor and Coach. I came to this career late in life, and it is founded in a place within my own life of developing goals for change and improving my own wellbeing, and supporting others with my natural talents and strengths; problems solving, reflective practice, creation of self-awareness and development of resources in communication towards change.

It is critical that all individuals have access to conversations. We have built into the business model Pro Bono services to individuals within our communities. I facilitate hundreds of consultations to individuals. I facilitate hundreds of professional development conversations with organisations and individual employees. I have been a successful Government grant recipient to serve the Canberra Community. And continuing with that growth our business offers community, disability and mental health services nationwide.

My life has unravelled many times, I have experiences of intergenerational trauma and life changing events. I have experienced times in my life, where I have had no people, no connections, no safe place. What I learned is that I needed to give myself time to identify the skills, knowledge and learning to create the life that resonates with me. I learned that if I took the time to reclaim my own humanity, self-judgement and defence mechanism that I was capable of living with meaning, purpose, self-compassion and empathy.

Now I work with individuals, in the development of their learning about themselves, to identify life’s challenges and potentially make the changes they want in their lives.