XTend Yourself was founded in 2015 by Vendra Begonja, a Qualified Counsellor and Coach.

Vendra has established herself as an Accredited Clinical Counsellor and Coach providing Counselling and a range of other community, disability and mental health services, nationwide.

Vendra does what she says she is going to do and with natural state of honesty, appropriate disclosure to create effective communication, sharing of knowledge and genuine empowerment. XTend Yourself Coaching and Counselling is a trauma informed Counselling service. The principles are integrated into all approaches to supports.

Vendra upholds these value in both professional and interpersonal experiences, a foundation for her life; Credibility; Natural Honesty; Safety; Trust; Flexibility; Creating Curiosity and Principles of the ‘Right Door’ when referring individuals to other services. And so do her employees, from the Administration Officer to her Community Support Workers. They do things a little differently.