Talk-therapy using modern Counselling, Trauma-Responsive and Psychological interventions, towards improved mental health.

Conversations are important to process experiences to improve learning, decision making, problem solving and mental health and wellbeing. All individuals can access these services, self-referred and referred by other agencies, organisations nationwide. There are online services, telehealth services and in-person services available, inclusive of being a provider of Community Support Workers.

Clinical Counselling conversations are facilitated with individuals, their families and others in their lives to work through life’s challenges and considering potential changes they identify as being of benefit.

Our services have facilitated Coaching and skills development with individuals for government programs. This also includes Pro Bono services for a range of vulnerable individuals in Canberra. Vendra has also been subcontracted by a range of community and mental health sector organisations in the delivery of services to maintain psychological safety and professional development of workforce.