Coaching and Counselling for individuals, teams and organisations

Conversations for good today, better tomorrow.

With me as your Mentor, Coach, Counsellor you will learn to create awareness of personal and professional behaviours. You will increase function, meaning and counter unhelpful thinking especially in response to crisis, stress and change. These are the conversations that matter for a good today, better tomorrow.

As Founder, and as a qualified Coach and Counsellor, I have over 20 years of experience in working with individuals and change. This is inclusive of a range of expertise and specialisation in the delivery of evidenced-based practices. I have worked across Australia towards personal and professional development with individuals, teams and organisations. As a new member of the Canberra Community in 2017, I have quickly developed a strong reputation in the Canberra and surrounding areas. This includes subcontracting with larger organisations in the development of their customers, clients and employees.

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Vendra provided me with life coaching as I returned to work after a bad accident. She helped me rebuild my confidence and set goals to ensure my return to work plan ran as smoothly as possible. She is smart, empathetic and provided me with wonderful support. I’m grateful to her for going above and beyond to assist me and highly recommend her life coaching services


Empathetic, insightful and real. Vendra is a Coach who takes this unique field to the next level. Her innate skills to understand complex behavioural constructs, together with her expertise to unpack further and dig deep to the causes of such, are the foundation of her person centred and solution focused practice. Vendra is a strategic and creative thinking professional, who invites others into her world to share, collaborate and develop to create an inclusive and functional community


Very well presented. I really needed this workshop at this time in my life. I went away feeling more empowered, validated and with greater confidence


Vendra provides a high level of professional coaching for individuals, she is respectful and seems to be able to understand just how difficult many of life challenges can be, but more importantly she was able to help me see how to use what I have, that I didn’t know I had, to move through it with more acceptance, calmness and self-confidence