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About Vendra Begonja

With me as your coach you will learn how to effectively respond to life, manage stressors and realise your strengths generating solutions and take actions even before you need them. Since the establishment of my coaching practice in 2015, I have had hundreds of conversations with individuals to create clarity. These conversations support clients to observe themselves and others, examine beliefs, assumptions and irrational thinking, learn new skills and create change in behaviour with new internal dialogue.

Individual Skills Building

Building skills takes time. For some it may take no time at all, for others literally a lifetime. I have conversations with individuals everyday, I know what works well, for almost everyone. From NDIS clients through to individuals, teams and organisations, I have evidenced, what supports individuals to build skills, that stick with them for [...]

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Services that can help you right now.

Get help right now, on the phone or online. There are many organisations that can provide this help. They can listen to you, and help you with more information to support you. They can do this with online material you can download,print or read, online chats or by phone. You are not alone. Start here [...]

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3 Steps to Change

Starting in early childhood you develop thinking patterns. As you grow older, it sets the framework that embeds habits and thinking, supporting approaches for change, across a lifetime. At some point in your life, these habits overstay their welcome. You will know this as they are central to unfavourable outcomes. For some of you, the [...]

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